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Following the successful implementation of our ‘Home Safe Every Day’ health and safety initiative last year, incorporating the ‘Safety Lens’ programme, we have further clarified expectations by way of a Behaviours and Expectations policy. This outlines the commitment of Babcock to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees whilst at work. It sets the standard for the behaviours and expectations required of all of our mployees, management and contractors undertaking business on our behalf.

The following excerpts from the policy provide detail on the ‘To give you time to be safe’ and ‘Look after each other and let others look after you’ segments of the Safety Lens.

Ensuring safety

'To give you time to be safe'

Good safety takes good planning. It is essential that any job we do has been planned; where appropriate a suitable health and safety plan is in place, and for all tasks a risk assessment is in place to ensure hazards are understood and appropriately controlled.

We will:

– Ensure, when starting work, the hazards are understood, the required controls are in place, the work has been authorised and the required permission to start obtained

– If using generic risk assessment, ensure that it adequately reflects the hazards associated with the specifi c tasks

– Ensure that a pre-job safety brief has been undertaken

– Ensure work is properly supervised and adequately controlled

– Regularly monitor the work in progress.

We will not:

– Deviate from method statements or instructions without formal review and authorisation

– Defeat interlocks, safety devices, trip circuits or other protective equipment without formal assessment and authorisation.

'Look after each other and let others look after you'

It is our goal to ensure that we cause no harm to persons whilst at work and we can achieve this through maintaining high safety and welfare standards.

We will:

– Look out for our own safety and the safety of our colleagues

– Do our job in a safe manner so as to reduce the risk of injury and inform our Supervisor if we have an existing medical condition that could be aggravated by our work

– If injured at work, stop work, seek medical assistance and report it in a timely way.

We will not:

– Carry on working in an unsafe environment where there is a risk of injury or a hazard to our health

– Hide the fact that we have an injury and carry on working regardless.


We have seen a 5% reduction in total injuries per 100,000 hours worked over the last year whilst our RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995) rate has maintained at 0.17 per 100,000 hours worked. Our focus in the coming year is to continue to embed the behaviours noted in our Safety Lens ensuring our employees make it home safe every day.

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As of April 2012 the UK Health and Safety Executive changed RIDDOR reporting from time lost through injury from three days to seven days. However we continue to monitor and report on the lower three day threshold.

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