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Submarine Countermeasure Launcher

The Countermeasure System is of paramount importance on any submarine platform.  Babcock's new, innovative, Countermeasure Launch System is fully scalable and covert.  It utilises a non-pyrotechnic prime mover, is lightweight and its modular design enables rapid platform integration.

Key features

  • The system launches countermeasures on demand while performing any manoeuvres and operating at any depth.
  • The launchers are reliable, covert during and post launch, shock resistant and lightweight.
  • The innovative design removes the need for pyrotechnic components, delivering an inherently safe and highly covert system. The launcher is also reusable providing an extended operational life.
  • The launcher is a fully developed design with units being supplied to the latest SSK projects.
  • Babcock's Undercasing Launcher features a lightweight composite design to minimise submarine top weight.
  • The Countermeasure System comprises a number of launchers, the 100mm Undercasing Modules typically hold 5 launchers while the 200mm modules typically hold 2 launchers.
  • The launchers can discharge a wide range of in-service countermeasures and stores varying from 75 to 200mm in diameter.
  • The Countermeasure Control Module (CCM) is designed to provide automatic, semi-auto or manual firing control.  The control module is located within the pressure hull and links the launchers with the combat system.  The CCM design would be bespoke for each customer depending upon the number and mix of launchers utilising standard circuitry and design layout to minimise risk, time and cost of development.
  • Modules require only low power electrical hull penetration to provide a link to the combat system, no other boat services are required.
  • Modules are typically fixed to the boat by bolts which ensure modules can be fitted and removed quickly and easily.

Key Customer

Spain's S-80 Submarine project


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