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Nuclear Cranes & Lifting Gear

Babcock has provided this service since the 1970s and is vastly experienced in the specification, design and manufacture of special purpose cranes and hoists.

Our highly experienced engineers and design specialists fully understand and take care of a client's complete handling system/cranage requirements, whether bespoke or COTS. In addition, we are extremely proud to offer total in-house capability for full system/facility works assembly and Factory Acceptance Test, ensuring you receive an unrivalled level of service from the outset.

Core service features:

  • Expertise in provision of the range of remote handling systems required on Licensed sites
  • Experienced in the design and supply of bespoke (and high integrity) systems through to the identification and procurement of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solutions
  • Ability to upgrade (mechanical, power and control/instrumentation) existing client handling systems irrespective of whether BNS Nuclear Services was the OEM
  • In-house capability includes comprehensive design substantiation service, to latest codes and standards, and ability to support a COTS vendor through specific client quality control requirements that relate to provision of a crane including relevant design file evidence
  • Capability and experience extends to design and supply of grapples and other lifting attachments and tooling relative to Nuclear handling
  • Ability to integrate third party mast manipulator systems
  • Ability to introduce into the design unique features that respond to specific client requirements or constraints, including environmental and safety criteria
  • Leading and respected technical resources in this service category (we provide members to the I Mech E 'Crane' forum)

Projects to date have involved:
Varied capacity, ranging between large 55 tonne cranes for handling fuel transport flasks to hoists for handling single magnox fuel elements (20kg)
Varied complexity, from high integrity hoist systems protecting against single load path failure to more conventional cranes built to less onerous standards
In many instances it has been a requirement to seismically qualify the design of a crane; the type of loads to be lifted has often necessitated the need to design specialised grappling mechanisms to suit particular applications

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