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Specialist Engineering

As well as it's core engineering services, Babcock provides a number of specialist engineering services including Composite Technology solutions.

And, in addition to the company's in-house capabilities, we can provide customers with access to two independent engineering consultancies:

Frazer-Nash Consultancy

Fraser-Nash Consultancy is one of the UK's biggest providers of systems and engineering technology and provides independent, impartial advice to our customers in the defence, nuclear, power & energy, civil aerospace, rail, marine, petrochemical and industrial sectors.

We employ a systems approach to all of our business activities from marketing, through business generation and delivery, to client satisfaction. Our systems approach comprises a structured process to understand our clients' requirements and develop appropriate solutions.

We deliver premier services in:

  • Systems engineering and design
  • Safety, environmental and risk
  • Engineering analysis and simulation

Find out more by visiting the Frazer-Nash Consultancy website: www.fnc.co.uk

LSC Group

LSC Group is a provider of technical through-life support solutions to the Defence and Energy markets working with our clients to enhance their critical decision-making capabilities. Our technology solutions and technical service expertise enable our customers to make better decisions regarding their platforms, equipment and business processes throughout the life-cycle. Our expertise is drawn from a blend of background and experience from the MOD, industry and academia. With a number of engineering and technology specialists we are able to work with our customers to deliver a range of capabilities predominantly within the Supportability Engineering and Information & Knowledge Management arenas.

Supportability Engineering

Also known as  Asset Management Engineering Services in the Energy market, Supportability Engineering covers a range of disciplines associated with developing and delivering appropriate support solutions for assets such that the owner can derive desired availability  and performance for minimum cost; these services can be deployed at any stage in the asset lifecycle

The customer call for Supportability Engineering services could be typically triggered by:

  • A Prime or OEM seeking a support solution for a new asset
  • Government  departments needing to select and procure the most appropriate assets and support packages in terms of value for money offered by industry
  • An organisation seeking to improve or sustain asset availability
  • The requirement to extend the life or change the use of an asset
  • Emerging cost challenges in asset support budgets or the need to comply with regulatory challenges

Information and Knowledge Management

Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) is the  delivery is in Information Technology products and services to support the through-life management of assets. IKM could generically be described as the effective gathering, organisation, storage, dissemination, flow and exploitation of information and knowledge within and between organisations.

The customer call for  IKM services could be typically triggered by:

  • A need to collaborate and share information (mainly on an Asset) securely amongst project teams and across organisations.
  • Requirements to integrate disparate systems to simplify use and support decision making through information exploitation.
  • Organisations and project teams wanting to benefit from automation of business processes and information flows.
  • OEMs or Service Providers wanting to de-risk I.T. programmes or the IT element of a Programme by outsourcing the hosting, management and support of the I.T solution.
  • A customer with a business requirement that needs translating into a technology specification, for design and development or procurement.

Find out more by visiting LSC Group's website: www.lsc.co.uk  

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