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Media Services

As the trusted media partner to the world’s leading broadcasters and content owners we provide the complete range of fully-managed solutions to deliver channels and content to global audiences across any platform. Our dedicated team of experts work closely with customers and industry specialists to tailor solutions for maximum efficiency. Managing critical infrastructure around the world we deliver the confidence of a reputation built on over 80 years in broadcasting. www.babcock.media

However many combinations of languages, adverts and versions your channel needs, we take all that complexity in our stride – making sure that the only on-screen dramas are the ones you want to watch. We are dedicated to making your channel origination the very best it can be, so our broadcast experts take the time to really understand your content and proactively work with you to explore new ways to tailor your services and maximise your channel’s value. 

TV Distribution
Seamlessly distributing TV channels to platforms around the world, our robust and flexible tailored solutions are built on our unique combination of independent satellite, fibre and IP networks. Innovation and experience is at the heart of our TV channel distribution, with our dedicated broadcast experts combining our global infrastructure and industry knowledge to ensure your channel is delivered in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Radio Distribution
A recognised expertise in radio distribution combined with our global network of owned and operated transmitters provides flexible worldwide distribution of programming on SW, MW, FM, DAB, DRM and satellite. We fully manage the critical infrastructure used by world leading broadcasters and are partnered with worldwide radio stations, providing the best ways to reach your audiences from regional SW transmissions to FM slots targeting specific cities.

We help content owners and rights holders effortlessly extend their audience reach by providing complete solutions for the distribution of live and on-demand content in any format to multiple connected devices. Whether it’s streaming an entire channel for VOD or one-off live events with enriching functionality, our expertise in media management makes complex content widely accessible through the most effective multi-platform experience available.

Satellite Capacity
With facilities in Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia supported by strong relationships with leading satellite operators, we distribute your channels via our cost effective network covering over 90% of the globe. This enables us to source the most effective footprint for your channels, working closely with you to use satellites to maximum advantage and bringing you the benefits of our experience, technology, infrastructure, and global reach.

Fibre Connectivity
Operating independently for maximum flexibility we have the global fibre connectivity to get your content or channel wherever it needs to go via all the world’s major PoPs, cable head-ends, TV stations and platforms. With our expert broadcast knowledge, established media distribution partnerships and agnostic infrastructure spanning the entire globe, simply by connecting to us we will connect you, your content and your channel to the whole world.

Cloud Delivery
Our ground-breaking Cloud Delivery uses the internet to set new standards for TV channel distribution, dramatically reducing costs while maintaining the highest levels of broadcast quality and reliability. Through innovative use of new technology our broadcast experts have made our Cloud Delivery fast to deploy, flexible, scalable, utterly secure and fully redundant. It’s a solution tried, tested and trusted by major broadcasters keen to find better ways of distributing TV.

Global Network
Built around our worldwide satellite coverage, international fibre connectivity and global transmitter infrastructure, our unique distribution network is designed for maximum flexibility in delivering your content. With teams in Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia we offer the most efficient paths to worldwide platforms, PoPs, cable head-ends, datacentres or wherever your content is needed. It’s more than global coverage, it’s all the right connections.

Babcock is trusted to deliver to a portfolio of major international broadcasters, including:

BBC World Service
Deutsche Welle
NHK (Radio Japan)

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