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Strategic Property Advice

We work in partnership with our customers to develop, plan and execute effective strategies which balance available budget and asset criticality. Our experts provide advice regarding alternative estate ownership and financing options to reduce the burden of estate ownership.

Working in close liaison with our customers we have developed bespoke tools to assist them to allocate restricted budgets to their most critical assets. This innovative and flexible approach;

2A1 High vis with plan

  • allows them to de-scope the service for non-essential elements
  • offers a contract framework that enables variable funding levels
  • supports the maintenance of an operationally functional and compliant estate
  • minimises the impact of lower funding levels on estate utilisation
  • allows flexibility for a mix of input and output specifications
  • provides a foundation for coherence across the estate
  • can be tailored to suit the functional needs of each establishment.

Assets are classified into three main categories of service delivery. Service levels mirror the importance of the asset to business operations. Level 1 assets are critical to business operations and receive a higher service level compared to level 2 and level 3 assets. Different assets on the same site can be classified under different levels. Additional flexibility is built into the system as it allows service levels to be changed as operations evolve.

Babcock has proven capabilities, having:

  • delivered annual lifecycle programmes of £35 million per year
  • created savings against baseline spend estimated at 18% through our asset criticality tool on one of our Ministry of Defence contracts
  • implemented web-based asset condition software with the capacity to handle up to 2,000 users, hold nearly 10,000 assets and has managed 9,044 surveys to date.

You can rely on our ability to combine technical, management and analytical expertise to help you to make the right strategic decisions in uncertain environments.

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