Babcock is the UK’s leading engineering support services company. We believe our business model and strategy, built around our ‘trusted to deliver’ reputation, set us apart from others in our markets. They have been a strong foundation for our success in recent years and are vital to ensuring we continue to deliver value in the future.

What we do

Deliver complex, integrated output contracts. Babcock thrives in complex environments. We specialise in delivering services, operating or managing assets and programmes that are complex, critical and bespoke. We combine technical and engineering capabilities to provide a single integrated solution. We deliver this through long-term, output based contracts that are designed so our customers achieve the efficiency and value they require.

How we do it

Underpinning everything we do are our market-leading positions, the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience of our workforce and the unique infrastructures we own or operate.

Our strategic objective is to grow from our current positions in both the UK and overseas, delivering sustainable value for our shareholders. To achieve this objective, we have created and will continue to grow a balanced portfolio of businesses based on our strategy.

The way we operate

We believe, our ‘trusted to deliver’ reputation is key to our success and sets us apart from others in our sector. We manage successful, long-term partnering relationships with our customers by delegating responsibility to customer-facing contract managers within the business units so we can be responsive to their needs. This is balanced by strict central financial controls.

Focused on customers

Our financial performance and ability to deliver value relies on meeting or exceeding our customers’ needs. To do this we aim to develop long-term embedded relationships built on openness and transparency, creating opportunities to draw on the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience across the Babcock Group.

Leading positions in selected markets

We have, or seek to build, leading positions in our market sectors. We own unique strategic infrastructures and, in an environment where engineering knowledge and skills are scarce, we believe we have an unrivalled workforce with significant scale and depth of expertise. Many of our customers no longer have this depth of knowledge available within their own organisations.

Delivering Value To

Our Employees

We seek to create value for our employees by:

  • creating a safe working environment
  • providing continuous professional development
  • providing equal opportunities for all
  • creating a rewarding place to work.

Our skilled workforce enables us to meet the operational requirements of our customers.

Our Customers

We seek to create value for our customers by:

  • working through long-term collaborative relationships
  • reducing the cost of delivering key services
  • increasing asset availability or providing life-extensions
  • providing knowledge and skills to manage complex transformation programmes.

Long-term successful relationships with our customers help create strong cash flows that can be used to generate growth and shareholder value.

Our Shareholders

We seek to create value for our shareholders by:

  • returning money to them through dividends
  • investing in, and growing, our business
  • growing the value of their investment over time.