Jacob Stokes


My favourite part of the job: Working as a team of apprentices on group projects and as an administration team helping the business run smoothly.

Most challenging thing I've ever done:                                                    The most challenging thing I’ve done was take on the role of project leader, organising a team of 16 apprentices to deliver a project to a high standard within a set time and in budget.


My typical day

I’m currently in my first year of two as a business and administration apprentice. This apprenticeship gives you a great grounding for a career within Babcock. Every day I build upon skills I have obtained from working in different placements around the dockyard.


We take part in charity events which not only raise money for good causes; they also build upon our interpersonal skills and enable us to work as part of a team. It helps to break up our day to day activities with fun tasks.


My day to day work involves my computer which I use for diary management, manipulating spreadsheets in excel, typing up formal letters and looking up company policies amongst other things.


We take regular mentor meetings; these are to get guidance on our jobs, our NVQ and anything else we need.


On my lunch I like to take personal time as a break from my busy day.


Babcock takes the health and & Safety of their employees very seriously so everyone is enrolled on mandatory firefighting training. This is a serious task but the training was very enjoyable.