Mavis Amadi

My favourite part of the job:

I love doing forensic analysis on programmes to make sure they’re optimised for Babcock to use. These investigations often raise a lot of issues and pull out various risks. Working collectively in a team to bring these back in line gives me great joy and an opportunity to add value to the project.

Most challenging thing I’ve ever done:

My biggest challenge to date was creating a multi-input template to capture real-time progress updates for work on the Queen Elizabeth & Prince of Wales Aircraft Carrier Project and The BP Quad 204 Project, which was a major factor in helping me become a Chartered Engineer.

Aerial shot of Rosyth site

My typical day

My journey with Babcock has been inspiring, working across various projects and gaining confidence and practical work experience. With consistent hard work and Babcock’s training, I’ve qualified as a Chartered Engineer.

Mavis looking down through scaffloding

I’m based at Babcock International Rosyth in Scotland, where I manage projects for oil, gas and nuclear energy, as well as the Queen Elizabeth carrier.

Mavis working at a desk

My morning starts by prioritising work and dealing with issues accordingly. Then plan daily objectives and goals with the project team.

Mavis working on a computer with two people onlooking over her shoulder
On a typical day, I analyse data, prepare reports and discuss status updates. My projects include oil and gas, nuclear and the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier.
Mavis stood inside a workshop building
I often visit the workshop to make sure work is going ahead as planned and to carry out health and safety inspections.
Mavis being shown something by an engineer
Part of my role includes mentoring young graduates and I’m also an ambassador to local schools, promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. I particularly want to encourage more women into these careers.