Nicky Harrop, Reserve

I am a Navy Reservist Petty Officer in Maritime Trade Operations.

We work closely with the Merchant Navy and Shipping Industry to deconflict areas of interest. We advise command on how to keep sea lines of communication open for trade and logistics, we research patterns of life in the area of operations and work closely with other specialisations which could affect shipping, for example Mine Warfare. Our main role for a number of years was anti-piracy in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean; tracking shipping, briefing master mariners and advising on safety in the area. I spent 6 months in Dubai undertaking this role when the threat of piracy was at its height.

My day job is....

Resource Allocation Co-Ordinator. I am responsible for ensuring industrial moves have taken place and industrial staff are assigned to the correct project and FLM, pulling reports for the
Trademaster to show how many industrial staff are on each project and forecasting how many staff will be available and keeping records of starters and leavers. I work closely with Morson International, dealing with contractor extensions and ensuring records are kept up to date for all the agency staff. I work closely with FLMs to ensure all competency cards are kept up to date and are in the right place as the staff move around. I am also line manager for a business admin apprentice so assist them with their NVQ work and provide guidance on all admin matters. Working for Babcock really helps me combine my day job and my role within the Maritime Reserves. It makes such a difference having a supportive employer who facilitates the time needed for training and allows special leave to undertake it.