We deliver specialist engineering training to technicians from across all areas of the Royal Navy.

Wide-ranging training programmes

With roles covering marine, air and submarine engineering, the Royal Navy requires training programmes that give its workforce the skills they need.

The student profile ranges from school and college leavers through to post graduates, as well as current naval technicians and engineers developing their careers or needing specialist technical training.

Delivered at a number of UK training schools, the training needs to be effective, efficient and rewarding.

Developing world-class engineers

We have a proven track record in providing world-class engineering training for the Royal Navy.

At HMS Sultan, Gosport, we deliver a broad range of technical and academic training for marine and air engineering, nuclear and survival equipment, through its constituent schools.

These include:

  • The Defence School of Marine Engineering (DSMarE), which offers a wide range of marine engineering training, from academic courses to systems engineering management, advanced craft, equipment maintenance and operation courses designed for the specialist maintainer and practitioner.
  • The Royal Navy Air Engineering and Survival Equipment School (RNAESS), which complements DSMarE in providing a range of air engineering training, including airframes, maintenance and survival equipment.

We support the Royal Navy’s submarine school at HMS Raleigh, Cornwall, with a wide variety of engineering training for submariners.

Our teaching covers generic skills such as underwater weapons, sensors, communications and command systems, ahead of more specific training in Faslane with the Babcock Astute Training organisation.

And at HMS Collingwood, Portsmouth, we train students at the Maritime Warfare School

at key phases of their career path, together with specialist training for specific equipment maintenance roles.

These courses have foundation degree status and aim to produce intuitive analytical technicians who can operate, maintain, diagnose and repair (OMDR) a wide range of equipment systems or discreet devices.

At each school, we use a combination of traditional methods, computer-based training and equipment-based instruction, as well as emulation and simulation.

Consistent training excellence

Delivering ongoing excellence in engineering training, we help to develop technicians already in the Royal Navy, along with the engineers of the future.