Relatively small, well thought-through changes at RNAD Coulport have allowed us to create significant efficiency savings. Optimising boiler usage during summer months saves the base £73,000 and reduces CO2 emissions by 500,000 kg every year.

Quantifying energy use

Always seeking to improve performance, this was only the beginning. The department is now installing heat meters to quantify and tackle energy use. Our exceptional graduates are also developing a strategy for metering electrical energy. This will enable the department to further save electricity by examining its use within the depot. We expect outcomes to include the introduction of lower energy lighting and variable speed drives.

"Their motivation and enthusiasm, as well as input from team leaders and specialists, has really helped drive it forwards."

Neil MacLean, M&E maintenance manager at Coulport

Creating cultural change

Cultural change and end user buy-in is essential to any energy saving initiative. All those working on the base are contributing to improved environmental per

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