Delivers a wide array of critical engineering services to defence and civil customers ranging from technical training of advanced fixed and rotary wing pilots, engineering and equipment support and maintenance, airbase management and logistics, to operating owned and customer owned aviation fleets for emergency services and offshore customers across the globe.

Core capabilities


Innovation technology is integral to the Aviation sector. From unmanned air system technologies to bespoke aircraft configuration engineering such as advanced infrared and night vision capabilities, proprietary real-time flight tracking systems, pilot eye tracking or new generation firefighting technology. Technology is critical in the highly regulated environments we operate in.



We provide technical training for rotary and fixed wing pilots, from civil and defence helicopter pilots and engineers to advanced fast jet pilots using innovative simulation based training. We are now a key technical training and critical support provider for all three UK Armed Forces and the French Army and Air Force.



In providing technical training and critical engineering services we also operate, manage and build unique air base infrastructure across the globe, operating around 530 leased, owned and customer owned aircraft from over 300 bases, including 15 aviation maintenance centres providing critical skilled engineering maintenance, repair, overhaul and equipment and logistics support.


Global Growth

With more revenue coming from outside the UK and aviation operations in 13 countries across UK, continental Europe including Scandinavia, Australia, South America and Southern Africa, Aviation is truly a global sector and world leader in aviation emergency services.