We provide a wide array of complex through-life engineering services ranging from UK and international naval fleet support, commercial marine, engineering consultancy, weapons handling, equipment support, intelligence and cyber security and training through unique owned and managed infrastructure to defence and civil customers across the globe.

Core capabilities


Marine employs technology across the sector with deep through-life support expertise, technical engineering such as intellectual property in weapons handling, gas and emissions control, equipment management and inventory. This is complemented by information security, communications networks, data analytics and practical applications.



Provide training for UK and international navies in surface and submersible fleets officer training and emergency services, such as firefighting, critical on-board any vessel in port or at sea. Increasingly we’re using technology to drive our training offering with simulation and data analytics based training solutions.



We have unique owned and managed complex engineering infrastructure with Devonport and Rosyth dockyards, capable of refitting the entire Royal Navy submarine fleet and 75% of the UK surface fleet, including the new QEC aircraft carriers. We also manage Faslane, Devonport and New Zealand Naval bases providing critical fleet in-service support, with scope for international infrastructure capability with Duqm dry dock JV.


Global Growth

The sector has established positions as key support partners to Canada, refitting 100% of the Royal Canadian Navy’s submarine fleet, Australia, with the ANZAC class frigate support and New Zealand. We have a growing presence in Oman with Duqm and the National Training Institute, and currently export defence and liquid gas systems globally.