Babcock awarded SA-8 system modernisation contract

05 Aug 2013

Babcock has been awarded a competitively won four year contract by the UK MoD Air Defence & Air Traffic Systems Delivery Team (ADATS-DT) for the overhaul and modernisation of former German Air Force Equipment (GAFE), including two SA-8 radar systems used in electronic warfare training at RAF Spadeadam, Cumbria.

Under the £4million contract Babcock will undertake the full refurbishment and modernisation of two SA-8 systems, and provide spares to support the two modernised and enhanced SA-8s, as well as providing all training and documentation, and additional technical tasks. 

Overhaul work will include dismantling of all installations, assemblies and subassemblies, undertaking repairs, refurbishment or replacement as required, and restoring the system including alignment and calibration, integration, acceptance testing and commissioning.  The modernisation aspect of the project will enhance system operability, reliability and maintainability.  This will include introducing LCD displays, replacing certain components, and the introduction of modern digital electronics and options for enhancements to the training system, such as onboard air conditioning and dehumidification and the integration of a new long-range thermal and visual imager.

In awarding the contract to Babcock the ADATS delivery team will benefit from the company’s proven experience in the maintenance and modernisation of radar systems, including the refurbishment, modernisation and enhancement of the two SA-6 systems for ADATS; a contract that was delivered on-time and in-budget under the same contractual terms.  Babcock also already provides in-depth repair and support services to the ADATS-DT across a range of complex systems including the SA-8s.

The Babcock team that successfully delivered the similar SA-6 upgrade and refurbishment programme is now responsible for the delivery of the SA-8 contract.  Babcock has a team of highly skilled engineers based on-site at RAF Spadeadam (enabling a quick response to ADATS task requests), including former RAF personnel with experience in operating, maintaining and training staff on the GAFE equipment and other WE threat systems used on the range.  The team is also supported by a further Babcock team at Skelton.

Commenting on the contract win, Babcock Defence Communications Director Tom Mulhall said: “We are delighted to have secured this contract to refurbish and modernise the SA-8s.  We look forward to building on our successful completion of the similar SA-6 contract and to applying our proven experience, people and resources to manage and deliver the SA-8 project successfully, safely and reliably, ensuring maximum availability of the systems at RAF Spadeadam.”