At Babcock, we are dedicated to helping our customers find the most cost-effective way to achieve maximum efficiency. Any business involved with inventory or stock, from raw-materials to completed products, understands the extent to which the cost of inventory holding, and the impact of shortages can both affect profitability. To achieve the perfect balance, our Inventory Optimisation solution provides these organisations with the means to extract the maximum possible performance at the minimum possible cost.

At the heart of the Babcock Inventory Optimisation solution is our innovative stock control software called Red Cube. The Red Cube proprietary Cost-Weighted Back-Order (CWBO) algorithm is quick and easy to implement and outperforms all existing solutions which use traditional algorithms. Traditional stock control software can no longer hope to match the performance of the CWBO algorithm which delivers the most cost effective results possible for our customers.

The implementation of Inventory Optimisation has delivered significant reductions to organisations regardless of size. The UK Ministry of Defence saw a 95% reduction in stock shortages with a 20% reduction in inventory investment after implementing Inventory Optimisation to re-profile their inventory at the Defence Support Group.

Equally, for smaller businesses, we have the capability to offer versatile pricing schemes through Babcock Inventory Optimisation that can make the process cost effective – no matter how large or small the organisation or its inventory requirements.