Aviation excellence. Air power expertise.

At Babcock, our dedication and focus have been on aviation and air power for more than 100 years.


Our world-class teams are trusted to operate and deliver flying operations, engineering and technical support across the full spectrum of air power requirements.


Whatever the task, we pride ourselves on the discipline, talent and agility that are at the heart of every operation. This gives our military customers the confidence and freedom they need to focus on their core mission: the delivery of air power.

We ensure the world’s best aircrew trainees receive the world’s best flying training. Working with the Royal Air Force, the Royal Navy and the Army, in the UK, and French ministry of defence, our teams support over 70% of all MOD flying training hours and deliver world-class technical instruction across multiple locations and aircraft types. The breadth of our training also covers aeronautical apprenticeships and air traffic control.


Babcock’s support is essential in ensuring mission-ready aircraft are available for the military: we know an asset that isn’t available isn’t an asset at all. We draw on our technical expertise and wider defence experience to address the whole air power picture - from aircraft to ground power units - so your aircrew spend less time on the ground and more time where they’re needed.


Babcock’s support of military aviation also extends to comprehensive aviation infrastructure management services. We take care of everything, whether it’s a complex challenge or routine activity, attention to detail underpins all our airbase functions, ensuring your whole estate operates with well-engineered precision. We believe that aviation infrastructure is a key enabler to the delivery of air power.


At a glance:

  • 100+ years’ experience in military aviation
  • 70% of all MOD flying training hours supported
  • 500,000 hours of flying training over the 14 years of the Light Aircraft Flying Task contract
  • 25% of all MOD fixed wing aircraft maintained
  • 80,000 flying hours supported by airfield operations annually