Mission ready for anything

First and foremost, Babcock is a company focused on delivering uncompromising operational outcomes. Attention to detail underpins all our airbase functions, ensuring the whole military aviation estate operates with well-engineered precision.

We ensure that the built environment always matches customer air power requirements; believing that aviation infrastructure is a key enabler to the delivery of air power. Our aviation infrastructure services offer our customers the cost efficiencies they demand and the professionalism they desire.

By placing highly skilled personnel at the heart of every operation, Babcock empowers our airbase customers by deploying wide-ranging support capabilities from air traffic control to workshops, survival equipment and fuel management. We have an aviation-minded infrastructure capability that works in harmony to develop the built environment while sustaining air operations.

Combining our expertise in major aviation construction programme management with our aviation-minded understanding of the environment, we deliver and sustain first-class infrastructure projects across defence aviation. Attention to detail underpins all our airbase functions, ensuring the whole estate operates with well-engineered precision.

Whatever the aviation infrastructure requirements, Babcock can help realise significant cost savings, make operational improvements and create the right built environment for aviation.

Our airbase support and infrastructure management approach is efficient and innovative. For example, our teams use highly evolved asset condition software to plan preventative maintenance regimes, reducing the need for reactive service and delivering both cost savings and improved asset availability.

As sector specialists we are fully up to date with the latest compliance standards and how to apply them effectively. We operate and maintain an aviation safety and compliance team to continually assure ourselves and our customers that our aviation infrastructure services reduce risk and deliver quality.