We are approved to deliver end-point assessments for the following standards, with a commitment to applying to the register for more business/service sector apprenticeship standards as they are approved for delivery.  Please select a standard to view an overview of the assessment process and our delivery model:

We have a national infrastructure of end-point assessors, meaning we are able to offer these services across the country.

As each standard has an employer designed synoptic end-point assessment, the nature and approach to assessment varies between standards. The detail of the assessment is set out explicitly in each assessment plan. Typical end-point assessment methods for the standards we are offering services for include: 

  • Multiple-choice online tests and written exams
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Professional discussions
  • Observations
  • Projects and presentations

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our end-point assessment services, our team will be happy to help and can be contacted via:  Tel: 0800 077 8738   Email: assessments@babcockinternational.com

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