A fresh approach to End Point Assessment

We are delighted to be able to offer a range of end point assessment (EPA) services to support apprenticeship standards. You will find an overview of the services we can provide for employers and training providers on these webpages.

Our growing portfolio of end point assessment services is underpinned by rigorous internal and external quality assurance, delivered nationally.

Our focus on quality delivery and cutting complexity is at the heart of our EPA delivery model, and we pride ourselves on supporting learners, employers and training organisations through the end point assessment process.

We deliver end point assessment through two organisations, each focussed on two specific employment sectors – Business/Service and Engineering, bringing together quality sector assessment expertise.  You’ll find sector specific information on the following webpages:

  • Babcock Assessments Limited – Business/Service Sector
  • Babcock Engineering Assessments Limited – Engineering Sector

What is End Point Assessment?

Babcock End Point Assessment

Existing apprenticeship frameworks continue to be replaced by apprenticeship standards which have been designed by employers to meet the needs of a particular role in their relevant industry. In order to complete each standard the learner must undertake an assessment which tests the knowledge, skills and behaviours required. This assessment is undertaken at the end of the apprenticeship and is called an end point assessment. 

Each apprenticeship standard includes:

  • A two page summary giving an overview of the required knowledge, skills and behaviours required to complete the apprenticeship
  • An assessment plan which gives a detailed breakdown of the assessments undertaken at end point, to test that the apprentice has reached the required level to complete the programme.

End point assessment is separate to any qualifications or other assessment that the apprentice may undertake during training. The apprentice will not be able to complete the apprenticeship without passing the end point assessment. As well as being different from the delivery of the apprenticeship, the end point assessment must be undertaken by an assessor that has had no previous contact or involvement in the delivery of training to the learner prior to the end point assessment.

Once the employer has selected their end point assessment organisation, their lead training provider will, on behalf of the employer, contract with the end point assessment provider for their services.

New standards are being released on a regular basis. For the latest list of standards available for delivery click here.  

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If you are looking for end point assessment for engineering Standards, please email engineeringassessments@babcockinternational.com.

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