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Babcock is a leading provider of specialised aerial operations, ground support and training services.

We operate state-of-the-art aircraft with specialised mission equipment to deliver complex, critical and bespoke support services in Surveillance, EMS, SAR, Police, Marine Pilot Transfer, Fire Fighting and Defence.

We deliver aircraft engineering maintaining aircraft, assets and equipment to ensure availability and operational support across multiple airworthiness jurisdictions; commercial and military.

We provide services for a diverse range of clients including Federal and State Government and public and private sector companies. With over 25 years' experience in Australia, Babcock is one of the country’s largest independent emergency and mission-critical helicopter providers.

Ambulance Victoria Helicopter
B412 Simulator

In a typical year, our global team of 3,000 staff undertake over 135,000 flying hours, 40,000 hours of pilot training and 61,400 emergency healthcare missions, rescue 8,650 people and transport over 227,700 oil & gas passengers.  We are very proud to attract growing demand for our services, year on year, being trusted to support these critical and lifesaving operations.


Emergency Medical Services

Babcock has a fleet of ambulance-configured helicopters, supporting emergency medical situations in those places where it is difficult to use other means of transport; including traffic accidents, rescues and emergency transport between hospitals. Our services operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Babcock provides dedicated helicopters and aircraft maintenance services for Ambulance Victoria, Government of South Australia, Central Queensland Rescue Service, Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service and Queensland Health.

By understanding our clients’ goals and strategic objectives, we are able to deliver flexible and successful partnerships, improve service quality and efficiency to strengthen community relationships and better meet patient needs.

Internationally, we are the leading Nordic provider of air ambulance, using rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft, we offer operational excellence, continuous development, quality assurance and solid teamwork. Scandinavian Air Ambulance (SAA) has long-standing experience in emergency missions, attending around 14,000 missions, each year with 23 aircraft. Our fleet consists of rotary and fixed wing aircraft including 6 Beechcraft 200 and one Learjet 35.

Search & Rescue

Babcock ensures rapid response in search and rescue operations at sea and over land. Our aircraft are equipped with sophisticated search capabilities, for day and night operations. More than 500 crew members undergo exhaustive training to achieve the high level of specialisation that these life-saving missions require.

Babcock provides extensive experience, specialised equipment and diverse configuration options to Ambulance Victoria, Government of South Australia, Central Queensland Rescue Service and Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service.


Law Enforcement

Babcock play a vital role with both Federal and State police forces in supporting their efforts to prevent crime, preserve life and protect property.

With experience in all types of airborne law enforcement, Babcock have been providing a fast, reliable and professional support solution to the Government of South Australia, since 2005. Our highly skilled crews use the unique capabilities of the aircraft to deliver effective assistance in special policing operations.

Babcock has also been an integral and trusted part of the Federal Government’s Australian Border Force since 1995. We provide 24-hour, all weather, strategic and tactical aerial surveillance equipment to protect Australia’s borders.


Oil & Gas

We safely transport workers and cargo to and from offshore rigs, providing medical evacuation and undertaking search and rescue missions. We comply with all health, safety and environment, and quality assurance regulations and support each mission with two dedicated helicopters; one as lead and the other as back up.

Amongst our customers are PTTEP Australasia, Woodside Energy Ltd, ConocoPhillips Australia, ENI Australia, Chevron, Repsol, Nexen Petroleum UK, Shell, Saipen and Premier Oil, among others.

Our services are delivered on an immediate response basis. Babcock’s fleet ranges of single and multi-engine helicopters operating in a multitude of environments.

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  • Responding to over 6,000 missions each year
  • Over 10,000 flight hours annually
  • 12 operational bases across Australia
  • 32 aircraft across six states
  • Day, night and all weather operations
  • Night-vision device (NVD) capability
  • Specialised equipment for search and surveillance

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