International Crew Training

International Crew Training

Babcock International prepares crews to safely manage and operate their ships to meet government tasking through general maritime training, ship and equipment familiarisation, duty watch training and preliminary and advanced sea training.

Our comprehensive training programme develops crew operational capability through a progressive sequence of modules, designed to develop individual and team competence, building to a collective, whole ship focused capability.

Our comprehensive training solution uses Royal Navy (RN) principles, aligns to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) standard operating procedures and can be strengthened where appropriate by an assessment phase under Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST). These are delivered in accordance with the exacting standards of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT).

For international and commercial customers we offer a blend of RN based procedures and specific national doctrine, process and equipment, as required.

Before training commences, checks are carried out to ensure the ship and its equipment meets Minimum Safety Requirement (MSR) standards, giving the Commanding Officer confidence that the ship and its company are safe to advance to the next stage of the programme.

Our full training package follows a well-tested and successful sequence of events. Each phase of the programme is designed to build on previous learning and is strengthened by integrated overlaps, consolidation and focus on any shortcomings.