Training Analysis Model

The Training Analysis Model (TAM) is Babcock Training’s decision support capability which assesses, analyses and adapts insights based on objective measurement of the training system.

TAM is an integrated data model which is comprised of a number of interconnecting products designed to support complex end-to-end training systems. By utilising our experience and expertise on the full training system, we have developed a product which provides fidelity in the training provided across our current and future customers.

The Pipeline Analysis tool is one of the TAM sub-products designed to support decision on the construction and optimisation of a training pipeline. By utilising relevant data sources across a training enterprise which influences the pipeline, it intelligently connects them and applies Babcock AI models in order to provide our customers with insights to analyse and target opportunities to optimise.

Built-in automated scenario modelling allows users to test various decisions and see the outcomes of these with simplicity, therefore minimising the risk of guess-work when faced with the challenge of optimisation or meeting key objectives of the wider organisation.

The Human Insight and Performance System (HIPS) is a TAM product which delivers an integrated solution designed to allow the Army to better understand the physical and mental capacity of forces, to increase operational advantage. HIPS is the combination of biometric sensors, existing data feeds, a secure means of data integration and scientifically validated data analytics, which provides insights to answer the key user requirements of soldiers, commanders and EXCON.

It provides a real-time information-rich picture by which to assess soldier and team performance and deliver targeted training that will help them succeed. This includes the ability to ‘dial up’ or ‘dial down’ the exercise by responding to the insight generated. These insights are also scalable – capable of delivering a broad view of the battlefield or drilling down into granular detail to extrapolate individual and group performance data that may be crucial for creating the right mixture of personnel for specialist teams.

HIPS puts the soldier at the heart of data collection, utilising advanced technologies with underpinning bio-science models and academic analysis to objectively understand what factors will unlock their full potential.