O&G search and rescue in the North Sea

O&G search and rescue in the North Sea

Day or night, rain or shine, the Babcock North Sea Search and Rescue (SAR) teams are ready to respond.

Babcock has been providing this specialist operation for over a decade and our two SAR helicopters are a familiar and reassuring sight to the men and women who work in the North Sea.

The aircraft – two AW139 helicopters – are equipped with state-of-the-art search and rescue technologies, from advanced mission systems and autopilots to high-powered searchlights and navigation equipment.

Based at Aberdeen International Airport, the Babcock SAR teams are ready to get airborne in just minutes and can reach the most distant oil and gas fields rapidly. Their special clearances and capabilities mean they can go where others can’t, flying in conditions that wouldn’t be acceptable for other aircraft and getting to where they need to be fast.

The crews themselves are among the best in the business with years of experience operating in the hostile environment of the North Sea. And with consultant-level doctors on-board, the SAR teams are licensed to carry and use the latest medical equipment and drugs, meaning they can take the emergency-room to the patient and offer life-saving support during a flight if necessary.

This unique and trusted service was called out to emergency operations over 120 times in 2019. It is funded by a group of 20 oil and gas operators who came together to provide this lifesaving service for the men and women working in the North Sea.