By building long-term relationships with our customers, we work at the heart of their operations - planning together for future success. By working with Babcock, customers can focus on more valuable business development areas such as mine permitting and planning, processing and logistics.


Our customers include Tarmac (UK), Aggregate Industries, US Lafarge (US & Canada), Lafarge ReadyMix (West Canada), Engemix (Brazil), and MSP Group (Australia).


We work in partnership to deliver many long-term benefits including:

  • Cost savings and improved efficiency
  • Shared risk and reward
  • Total visibility of fleet
  • Increased equipment availability
  • Continuous improvement culture
  • Reduced complexity

Cost savings and improved efficiency 

By using proven systems and the latest industry developments, we help our customers achieve cost savings of up to 15% without impacting upon frontline service delivery.

Effective management of complex assets

Assets are complex for many reasons; from technical detail to geographical spread or skills needed to service and maintain them. Babcock’s pool of knowledge, accumulated through working across a variety of industries, enables us to address our customers’ complex asset-management problems and work collaboratively to solve them.

Shared risk and reward

Our experience enables us to help customers understand and mitigate their risks. We collaborate to share risks, planning together for improvements today and in the future. This can include innovative financing models that inject cash back into the customer’s balance sheet.

Total visibility of fleet

Our web-based management reports enable customers to make the right strategic and operational decisions about their fleet. Babcock draws on live data from telematics as well as capturing detailed equipment-based information about each asset including equipment criticality, service intervals, and planned availability. 

Increased equipment availability

Babcock has an excellent track record in delivering improved asset availability for organisations with critical operational availability requirements. We are not bound by existing industry technologies, processes or systems so encourage our customers to think differently about procurement, management, and the decommissioning of assets for maximum utilisation. 

Continuous improvement culture

Whilst our focus is on improving equipment availability, we believe our teams should constantly be adding value through innovation and sharing best practice. We review new industry developments, minimising quick fixes and enabling the standardisation of processes and the introduction of tried and tested innovations. We share the highest commitment to health and safety with our customers, introducing best practice at every opportunity.

A single independent partner

As the single point of contact, Babcock provides an independent bridge between customers and manufacturers, supporting any mix of assets with total objectivity.  Babcock helps customers alleviate the management of a complex supply chain by ensuring that they only need to work with one organisation from start to finish.