Liquefied Gas Systems

Liquefied Gas Systems

Babcock LGE has more than 50 years of expertise in the liquefied gas market, recognised by two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for Innovation and International Trade. Addressing the increasing importance of lower global emissions, Babcock develops solutions specifically targeted at assisting ship owners and operators reduce their environmental footprint.

Babcock specialises in the carriage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), liquefied ethane and ethylene plus ammonia and other petrochemicals, the use of liquefied gases as fuel, zero-emissions LNG bunkering and hydrocarbon capture during crude oil shuttle tanker operations. Our Intellectual Property (IP) – both granted and pending – is the value-add in our offering to customers. Technologies developed in-house provide significant economic benefit, including; lower OPEX for the duration of the ships operation via reduced cargo loss, use of boil of gas (BOG) as fuel, reduced equipment and power requirements in addition to optimisation of power usage.

Our solutions are innovative and apply known and proven technologies in novel ways to offer maximum benefit to the owner and operator, supported by through- life support and customer relationship management.

LPG carriers – Vent Gas Cooler (VGC™)

Babcock is the market leader in the design of cargo handling systems for LPG carriers. As an important value-add solution, and based on a novel application of known and proven technologies, our VGC™ provides increased reliquefaction plant capacity and the ability to carry cargoes with high incondensable or volatile content which conventional reliquefaction systems could not handle.

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Ethane and Ethylene carriers – SuperCooler™

Utilising LPG and LNG cargo handling expertise, LGE has developed the SuperCooler™ to offer significant performance enhancements for ethane carriers, including improved reliquefaction capacity as the amount of methane in the liquid phase increases, with lower energy consumption than conventional systems.

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LNG carriers – ecoSMRT®

Designed to facilitate LNG carriers to operate on the cutting edge of efficiency, ecoSMRT® offers greater reliquefaction capacity at lower purchase and operating costs than competing SMR or nitrogen expansion systems. The ecoSMRT® patent-pending technology provides high-efficiency reliquefaction of LNG boil-off gas, using only a single mixed refrigerant circuit without the need for external pre-cooling. This not only gives a significant reduction in footprint, but also means that ecoSMRT® needs only a single compressor, translating to lower maintenance requirements and reduced spares inventory.

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LNG bunkering vessels – FGSV0™

Currently deployed on-board the world class LNG bunkering vessel, Kairos, Fuel Gas Supply Vessel Zero (FGSV0™) is a scalable LNG bunkering vessel solution which uses novel applications of tried and tested technologies to allow quick and safe ship-to-ship bunkering to various ships such as ferries, containers and cruise ships, plus distribution to onshore industrial consumers. The Babcock FGSV0™ system captures boil off gas (BOG) from the cargo tanks and flash gas during transfer operations, which is compressed and stored as compressed natural gas (CNG) and used as fuel for the LNG bunkering vessel.

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Babcock utilises more than 50 years of experience in the gas shipping industry to deliver expert, through-life support to liquefied gas carriers worldwide. This includes our Remote Monitoring System (RMS), Operational Support Service (OSS), Crew and Superintendent training, pre-dry docking surveys and dry docking support, instrumentation calibration, cargo control panel and motor control centre upgrades, spare part supply and hardware retrofits, including cargo heaters, booster pumps and Fuel Gas Systems.

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Crude Oil Shuttle Tankers – ecoVOCC®

ecoVOCC® technology provides both economic and environmental benefits. Based on industry proven compressed natural gas (CNG) technology, ecoVOCC® captures VOC gases, including methane emitted during crude oil shuttle tanker loading operations, which is then partially condensed and stored as liquid (LVOC) or gas (CVOC) during the loaded voyage before being used as blanket gas during subsequent offloading operations. The use of a hydrocarbon blanket gas minimises the formation of VOC’s and the consumption of inert gas. Typically during each loading/ unloading sequence, ecoVOCC® allows up to 2,000 barrels of oil equivalent to be recovered.

Fuel Gas Supply Systems (FGSS)

In conjunction with the Babcock Schulte Energy LNG Supply Vessel and FGSV0™ technologies, fuel gas supply system is the next step in providing environmentally friendly solutions being deployed within the LNG fuelling value chain. To meet market demand and further promote liquid gas as a fuel, Babcock also offer FGSS for the LPG and liquefied ethane markets, based on proven designs and utilising extensive experience in these sectors.