Marine Systems Support Partner

Marine Systems Support Partner

As the Marine Systems Support Partner (MSSP) for the Type 45 Destroyers and Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carriers (QEC), Babcock will provide a range of complex warship support services to UK MoD.

Delivering an agile support package to the newly in service QEC aircraft carriers and Type 45 Destroyers as both classes transition from their build phase, MSSP encompasses engineering assistance, design configuration control, supply chain and inventory management; with Babcock providing safety and Through Life Management advice and guidance as a System Technical Authority.

With the DE&S Common Support Model (CSM) the foundation for all future support to Complex Warships, the MSSP support package reflects the evolving, maturing, support and management strategy for the surface fleet.

Babcock has created a bespoke team, drawn from the best in industry, to deliver MSSP located across offices at Bristol Business Park and Portsmouth waterfront. The solution will be delivered through a collaborative approach between industry partners, DE&S, DE&S suppliers, UK Royal Navy and Original Equipment Manufacturers, as well as the wider supply chain.

This innovative team solution will ensure the sustainability of the support solution to collectively ensure the applicable systems and equipment availability is maintained, and improved, through life.