Integrated Aircraft Engineering

We know an asset that isn’t available isn’t an asset at all therefore Babcock’s top priority is always ensuring mission-ready aircraft are safe and available for our military customers.

As highly experienced aviation engineering specialists, Babcock’s maintenance, management and operational support is second to none. Our highly trained fleet planners work with OEMs and defence ministry project teams to maintain airworthiness and optimise in-service life across a range of aircraft.

Whether adding new technology, refitting cabins for alternative usage or performing general line maintenance, our expertise in through-life programmes means we know how to get the best mission value for the best cost with existing customer assets.

Our integrated aircraft engineering operations at a glance:

  • We have over 700 aircraft technicians and engineers working in military operations
  • 460 military aircraft maintained last year
  • 1.1m military maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) hours last year