Babcock is both an employer of apprentices and a leading provider of apprentice programmes. Each year we take on over 220 engineering apprentices across the Babcock business.

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Babcock is also one of the UK’s largest providers of technical and service skills with over 14,000 apprentices on programme at any one time. We run programmes for world leaders in engineering with particular expertise in the rail, automotive, nuclear and energy industries as well as the British Army and Emergency Services. Our engineering training provision is rated Ofsted Grade 1 (Outstanding) and we regularly win prestigious awards.

In addition to our engineering focus we provide apprenticeship and vocational training for organisations across retail, hospitality, active leisure, and health & social care; as well as business support sectors.

Our apprenticeships are particularly valued by customers who operate in complex and/or highly regulated environments, where safety is critical, and training is vital to achieve a competent, compliant, and safe workforce. Our mandate invariably extends to embedding organisational values and behaviours on behalf of our customers, including life skills programmes in a number of cases.

Our engineering and technical apprenticeships can be delivered through a fully managed service offering which includes the development, provision and ongoing management of fully contextualised training academies. Alternatively we can work hand-in-hand with clients to create workplace-delivered solutions that meet their specific requirements and provide them with the apprentices they need now and into the future.

We have over 1,000 highly qualified delivery professionals across the UK. These experienced teams are often deeply entrenched in their client’s brand values – living and breathing the brand alongside the apprentices that we train.

The Apprentice Levy was introduced in April 2017 in support of a Government commitment to increasing the quality and quantity of apprenticeships across England. We see forward-thinking organisations using the Levy as part of their strategic workforce planning and the introduction of higher-level apprenticeships, (which now go up to degree-level and beyond), as an opportunity for workforce upskilling. Babcock is involved in Trailblazer groups working with other providers and employers to create standards which meet exacting training needs.