Learners Journey

In selecting a Babcock apprenticeship you will be supported through a number of steps that will see you complete your apprenticeship. We call this the ‘learner journey’.

Within the learner journey pictured above there are a number of components as follows:

Initial assessment

This is the first stage in the journey to achieving your qualification; a Babcock Recruitment Advisor will undertake an initial assessment with you to establish your training needs, learning style and eligibility for funding. He/she will discuss the training options available, helping you to select the right qualification and level. After completion of your initial assessment, you will be assigned a Babcock Regional Trainer who has experience in your sector and job role. He/she will be responsible for delivering all aspects of your learner journey.

Personal Learning Plan (PLP)

Your dedicated Babcock Regional Trainer will discuss the training options available, confirming you are on the right qualification, and then work with you to develop your own Personal Learning Plan to complete the qualification. We know that every apprentice is different, so your Personal Learning Plan will be individual to you and will set out the optimum way for you to achieve your qualifications.


Your Babcock Regional Trainer will induct you onto your specific course, covering a range of topics including health & safety, equal opportunities and providing you with access to our resources including our outstanding e-learning platforms and hard copy resources. During your induction phase, you will also work towards your ERR qualification (Framework only), where you will learn all about your employment rights and responsibilities.

Framework Certificates and Diplomas (your vocational qualifications, often referred to as NVQs)

The vast majority of your learning will take place at work, during support visits from your Babcock Regional Trainer. During these support visits you will work towards completing all of your apprenticeship qualifications. We will work with you to deliver all aspects of teaching, learning and assessment through our regular visits and learning sessions. Highly experienced, your Babcock Regional Trainer will tailor the programme to fit your needs so you are happy and confident in your learning and, when ready, keen to take your tests and assessments.

English and maths qualifications (if required)

Dependent upon your course and previous qualifications you may undertake English, maths and in some cases ICT qualifications. These qualifications are known as Functional Skills in England, Essential Skills in Wales and Northern Ireland, and Core Skills in Scotland. You will receive all the guidance and support you require to complete these qualifications from your Babcock Regional Trainer, so even if you found these subjects difficult at school, we will provide you with all the teaching, learning and support you need to succeed.

Technical certificate (Frameworks only)

Alongside your diploma and other maths and English qualifications, many frameworks also include a technical certificate which covers the knowledge element of your apprenticeship qualification. Your Babcock Regional Trainer will deliver the teaching and learning you need to achieve this component of your apprenticeship.

Internal verification

As you progress through your qualifications the quality of your work will be internally verified to ensure that your learning portfolio meets the standard required by the awarding organisation and the industry in general.

End-Point Assessment (in England and for Standards only)

Once the training has been completed and the apprentice has proven competency against all the standard’s criteria they must undertake the end-point assessment. The end-point assessment is independent from the training and includes a variety of assessment methods which test the skills and knowledge of the apprentice to ensure they are fully competent in their role.

Achievement of your qualification

As you complete your apprenticeship qualifications you will receive your certificates. Following the completion of your full apprenticeship, you will be awarded your completion certificate and can celebrate your success!