Equipment Management

Babcock is an expert in the design, manufacture and through-life support of high-integrity mechanical and electrical systems.

Our capabilities extend from the provision of Highly-Mechanised Weapon Handling Systems through to helicopter landing grids, surface ship torpedo decoy launchers, remote communications system deployment, main circulation pumps, life rafts and integrated waste management systems.

The breadth of our experience and expertise enables us to be wholly solution-focused in achieving our clients’ strategic and operational objectives.

Our significant design expertise means if a mechanical or electrical solution is not readily available, we will create it on the customer’s behalf.

This uniquely flexible and fully bespoke approach has been honed over decades and continues to be our focus today. As we are entirely equipment agnostic, we can work seamlessly with legacy systems to plan and manage an obsolescence programme if required. Our strong partnering culture enables us to collaborate effectively within complex, fast moving organisations and in challenging environments.

Once equipment or systems are installed, we will provide comprehensive operational support for the full life of the asset and deliver world-class training across ongoing operation and maintenance.

Our longstanding relationships with international navies has equipped us to operate effectively within military sectors and consequently, we are granted security clearance at the highest level. This enables us to deliver an innovative, effective and value-led service to our customers every time.

Babcock’s through-life support ensures increased equipment availability, freeing up resources for deployment elsewhere within an organisation and reducing the cost of spares and on-going support.

In a pressurized and highly-complex environment where getting it right first time is critical, Babcock can be trusted to deliver.