Emergency critical missions by cooperative flight of manned and unmanned means

Budget:   9,890,775€
Duration:  4 years

ENJAMBRE, is an R&D funded by the Centro de para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI), within the CIEN strategic program, with a total budget of € 9,890,775 over four years (2015-2018).

It is developed by a consortium of companies and public research organizations, from different thematic areas, as BABCOCK MISSION CRITICAL SERVICES ESPAÑA (Coordinator), PILDOLABS, COREMAIN, ALAVA and TEMAI and the public research organizations FADA-CATEC, Alicante University, Cataluña Polytechnic University, Córdoba University and León University.

The technical proposal of this R&D project continues the line of research of the Prometeo and Lumes projects. The main object of this project is going to be the development of a new critical onshore and offshore emergencies service, to enable cooperatively and safely flight of manned and unmanned aircraft in the same airspace. Unmanned aircraft will execute observation works which will be used by manned aircraft to make decisions during the operations.

The project will focus its efforts on developing of the new operational concepts for these kinds of cooperative missions, developing of new navigation tools, developing of new smart tools for the supporting of the onshore and offshore missions, and finally improving and certification of the UAV system developed at the LUMES project.

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