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Babcock provides mission-critical helicopter support for a range of services including Emergency Medical (EMS), Search and Rescue (SAR), surveillance operations, law enforcement, aerial work and Marine Pilot Transfer (MPT).
We provide services for a diverse range of clients including Federal and State Government and public and private sector companies. With over 25 years' experience in Australia, Babcock is one of the country’s largest independent emergency and mission-critical helicopter providers.
Ambulance Victoria Helicopter
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All of our services are delivered from numerous bases between Torres Strait and Adelaide on an immediate response basis.  Babcock's fleet includes a range of single and multi-engine helicopters operating in a multitude of environments.

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• Responding to over 6,000 missions each year

• Over 10,000 flight hours annually

• Nine operational bases across Australia

• 20 single and multi-engine aircraft

• Day, night and all weather operations

• Night-vision device (NVD) capability

• Specialised equipment for search and surveillance

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