Making sure an asset or enterprise is fit for purpose; meeting the demands placed on it affordably, effectively and efficiently, begins during its early design but should be managed throughout the lifecycle.

Enabling more effective design and acquisition; as well as embedding a comprehensive, yet agile support solution, is critical.

We deliver a breadth of System Design support services across a range of disciplines – helping our customers procure systems that deliver  the desired level of availability and performance at optimum cost.

Whether looking to design or develop a support solution for a new asset; improve or sustain an existing asset; or ensure you select and procure an appropriate solution from a range of system support or design options, we support our customers in accessing, understanding and exploiting data that is critical to acquiring supportable systems and achieving sustainable support solutions across the lifecycle.

Our services include:

  • System Reliability and Maintainability Modelling
  • Asset Reliability Modelling
  • Maintenance & Planning Optimisation
  • Systems Engineering
  • Supportability Engineering

Our flexible approach means we can work with customers at all stages of their data journey -  whatever their strategic drivers and irrespective of data quality, maturity or technology readiness.