Innovative baggage solutions

With over 25-years’ experience working in airports around the world, our team of over 75 engineers offers proven capability and independent expert system analysis to deliver best-value baggage solutions in the live airport environment. 

Working in partnership with you, we begin by focusing on each aspect of your system to be improved.  Our products include our BAG-NAV Baggage Management Software and our ultra-low maintenance linear drive carousel, whilst our suite of support services covers everything from remote system support to complete baggage facilities management and vehicle operations

Integrating new with your existing systems

Working from initial concept design and consultancy for system design, build and test through to post installation operations, technical support and through-life maintenance, Babcock has a wealth of experience in delivering airport baggage systems in live environments.

We work closely with customers with them as new facilities or functionality are delivered, and deliver a planned ramp up of activity, dovetailed with the project delivery programme. This ensures that training and familiarisation proceed smoothly and leads to an integrated services team that delivers to the airport operator.

We are experienced with all major OEMs including: Logan Teleflex, Siemens Airports, Crispland Beumer, Lodige, Geo Robson, Van DerLande, CDG Systems, Sovex Systems & Caljan Rite-Hite, Schieholz, Nerak Wiese.  We can integrate our new designs to work seamlessly with your existing system.

Developing & integrating SAC & SCADA systems

Installed at some of the world’s busiest airports, BagNav is our advanced baggage control software providing maximum performance at a reduced cost.  The software provides a full baggage sortation, reconciliation and tracking software solution from check-in to departure and from aircraft arrival to baggage reclaim.  It can be configured for your own needs accommodating the number of terminals, sorters, piers or chutes and for those airports with expansion plans.

BagNav easily accommodates enhancements such as hardware upgrade or the addition of a supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.

Finding solutions to reduce CAPEX

We help our customers to find the optimum solution with their existing baggage system – avoiding a large capital outlay on a brand new system. This is achieved through utilising design methods and simulation techniques that improve optimum system performance - ensuring efficiency, reliability and elimination of unnecessary costs. 

Simulation models are used to identify operational risks, design and simulate contingency plans and keep systems running even in the most difficult circumstances. In the UK, we have worked with all London Airports, Glasgow and Edinburgh and have delivered a significant number of projects internationally.