Our proven track record as the UK’s leading naval support business, provides our customers with surety and great confidence in our ability to safely and securely manage and operate some of the country’s most critical assets, as well as providing through-life support to complex programmes of national significance.

Babcock is the sole provider of deep maintenance and refitting, in-service maintenance, in-service support and through-life engineering support for the UK fleet of nuclear-powered submarines.

Sharing goals and objectives, we are a strategic and innovative partner working closely with the UK and other Ministries of Defence (MOD) across our business units to increase asset availability, improve efficiency and reduce operating and infrastructure costs.

Testament to the strength of our long-term relationships is our involvement in all current and future UK naval programmes, spanning the next fifty years. Our teams have been instrumental in bringing the new Astute Class into service, alongside our role as long term provider of submarine operator and maintainer training.

Working hand-in-hand with our customer, our key activities include base-porting, refitting, refuelling and decommissioning submarines, maintaining and refitting warships, building the next generation of aircraft carriers, maintaining naval bases and providing equipment support and training; while the company's Technology business brings together engineering, design, systems integration and platform management capabilities.

The MOD has identified the Babcock Rosyth and Devonport facilities, where the laid-up submarines are currently stored afloat, as the chosen locations for the initial submarine dismantling activities associated with its Submarine Dismantling Project. These plans are subject to a successful demonstrator project being carried out at Rosyth in the coming years. Our breadth of experience and expertise in submarine support makes us well placed to deliver this important aspect of the overall submarine programme safely, securely and cost-effectively.

Our unique facilities and infrastructure enable us to undertake around 75% of UK surface warship fleet refits and 50% fleet maintenance between our Devonport and Rosyth facilities. Significantly, HM Naval Base Devonport is situated alongside our own Devonport facility, where 50% of the Royal Navy surface fleet is base-ported.

Babcock is a Tier 1 partner to the MOD within the UK’s Surface Ship Support Alliance (SSSA). This alliance covers all current and future classes of warships, including Type 45 Destroyers, the new Type 26 Global Combat Ships and Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers (QEC).

Through the SSSA, Babcock is a member of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA), which is an innovative alliance between MOD and industry created to transform the delivery of large scale projects such as the QEC programme.

As part of one of the largest engineering challenges currently being undertaken in the UK, the ACA is designing, fabricating and assembling the two largest and most complex warships the Royal Navy has ever seen. Babcock’s Rosyth facility is responsible for the assembly. Our engineering team, one of the UK's largest, is delivering around 50% of the detailed design of these iconic 65,000 tonne warships.

In addition to Royal Navy work, the facility in Appledore, North Devon is fabricating and building Offshore Patrol Vessels for the Irish Navy.

Babcock is also a key naval support provider to the Canadian government and the Royal Canadian Navy. Since 2008, we have been delivering on the Victoria In-Service Support Contract (VISSC), providing critical operational and deep maintenance to Canada’s fleet of diesel-electric submarines. More than 300 expert personnel operate from locations in Halifax, Ottawa and Victoria and provide platform design, systems engineering, maintenance & extended dock work period support, integration and management services, ensuring complete lifecycle engineering support.

Another key market we are proud to support is the Australian Navy to ensure asset reliability, maintenance, performance and availability. Our commitment in Australia includes comprehensive marine defence engineering.

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