There are times when there is no room for errors, especially if lives are at risk. For this reason when we talk about emergencies such as assisting at an accident, rescuing or transporting a patient to a hospital, the speed of response and coordination become vital elements. Babcock’s HEMS aircraft are genuine mobile ICUs with a reaction and mobility capacity that enables them to reach places that are inaccessible to others, in record time.

The average response time of a medical helicopter is 17 minutes in a rural environment and 8 minutes in city centres. On those medical emergency and civil protection missions where time is vital, the best ally is to be capable of flying forward without obstacles at high speed. Babcock has a fleet of medical helicopters and airplanes capable of travelling quickly, nimbly and totally safely to those places where it is difficult to use other means of transport in order to reach traffic accidents, execute mountain rescues or provide emergency transport between hospitals.


Saving lives

By reducing the response time, not only we do save lives, but we minimise the possible consequences of each issue by addressing it early. The HEMS aircraft are equipped with the necessary health care systems to stabilise the patient during the flight.

The use of aircraft is essential in many catastrophic situations. Helps locating, rescuing and evacuating patients, as well as transporting materials and equipment to the affected area. Its use in daily medical assistance is becoming more and more versatile, aimed above all at assistance for patients who are in critical condition.

Furthermore, alongside the flight crew members, medical staff play a crucial role; they are able to provide initial care to the specific area affected by an accident, they look after the patient during their transfer to the hospital and inform the doctors of their condition.

With over 30 years of experience in HEMS services, the most up-to-date fleet and equipment and the best qualified personnel, Babcock can support clients such as main international, national and regional government bodies and charity organizations. Babcock also has medical bases in key positions accross all the countries in which operates. Babcock is the only operator in Spain, Italy and Portugal running H24 medical bases, which operate 24 hours a day.

Key facts

  • Operations in the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Sweden, Finland and Germany.
  • Experts in specific training for doctors and nurses, including a HEMS simulator.
  • More than 1,000 specialised professionals.
  • 59,370 HEMS missions executed in 2015.