We design, manufacture and support customised solutions that are delivered on time and at a competitive price. We bring over 100 years’ experience in combining innovation, craftsmanship and technical excellence to supply and support quality deployed product to a worldwide critical market.

Our customers trust us to deliver resilient and appropriate products with assured whole life support and availability.  We build long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers, and look to continually invest in our infrastructure and people to ensure we offer ever more efficient and reliable products and services.

We deliver a broad range of capabilities that include:

  • Market leading expertise in vehicle specifications
  • Compliant builds
  • High performing composite material production
  • Market leading armoured products
  • Specialist in-vehicle communications capability
  • Disposal & decommissioning
  • Service packs

From service packs to full availability contracts, we use our proven asset whole life approach to managing fleets of vehicles and equipment.

Our customers include the police, fire and ambulance services, civil service, military and other security focused organisations based in the UK and overseas.

Specialist capabilities

High performing composites

We have the unique ability to manufacture high performing composites for a lightweight solution that offers strength and weight benefits over traditional materials.

All our composite and automotive composite products and tools that require superior lamination or finish are manufactured within our autoclave. This enables us to manufacture large single piece components for example:

  • Floor panels
  • Roof panels
  • Associated vehicle panels, boot/trunk lids, bumpers/fenders, skirts etc.
  • Bulkheads and structural parts

The high quality composite parts are achieved by accurately controlling the curing temperature and pressure. The cure process is critical during the manufacturing phase.

Market leading protection

We produce armoured vehicles to the highest quality and ballistic integrity, specifically tailored to ensure our customer requirements are completely satisfied.

Our products provide the necessary protection across a diverse range of vehicle platforms ranging from saloon cars and SUVS to larger specialist builds. Deployed to customers worldwide, the protection levels are customised to the client and their perceived threat levels.

Discreet vehicle protection allows our vehicles to work across a range of operational requirements from use within urban areas for a less aggressive approach through to more covert operations. All ballistic products are certified to accredited specifications and the continual testing of our materials ensures that those products used in our conversions are the best within the marketplace.

We are committed to innovation with a continuous research & development programme in place, verifying new products to ensure capability including vehicle integration techniques, improved power requirements, superior blast and ballistic protection.

Dependent upon customer requirements, we can supply a basic ‘lower end’ specification vehicle (used by non-Governmental agencies) through to the highest levels of luxury. Communication and survivability options including cameras and a range of electronic security are available for increased capability and peace of mind.

Integrated telecommunications

We design and install compliant and integrated in-vehicle communications and data systems for specialist vehicles for the Emergency Services sector, civil service, military and other security focused organisations. complex overt and covert communications installations with engineers who are qualified and experienced in this field and are all certified through the FITAS installer accreditation scheme.This includes both complex overt and covert This includes solutions for both complex covert and overt systems communications installations.

The increasing demand for in-vehicle communications has seen our teams grow in size and capability so that we can both continue to develop capabilities such as a communications hub to asset track, log and repair equipment whilst delivering a range of programmes such as radio replacement programmes for a large UK police force, transferring radios in more than 25,000 vehicles each time. It retains a TEA2 sub-licence (TETRA Encryption Algorithm 2) to work on the Airwave system.

Our capabilities include, but not limited to…..

  • Vehicle satellite system installation
  • Vehicle data mass storage system installation
  • All PMR and digital radio systems installed
  • TEA2 fitment

Our communications capability extends to the assessment of radio equipment. This is critical to ensuring that the conversion of the vehicles does not throw out any anomalies elsewhere in the machine’s performance. To achieve this, Magnetic has invested in semi-anechoic electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test facilities, which provide assessments including antenna performance, and electrical supply disturbance and consumption.

Most conversion companies need to outsource this but since 2013, we have supported our customers with our own purpose-built EMC test chamber.  The EMC simulates an Open Area Test Site (OATS), without interference from environmental electromagnetic field pollution.

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