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Babcock operates New Zealand’s largest marine engineering facility, providing through life support, custom design and retrofit, ship repair and marine engineering services for super yachts, cruise ships, research vessels and cargo ships, as well as New Zealand and foreign navy warships.  Located in Devonport, Auckland, the facility provides a broad range of engineering and repair services in dry-dock or deep water repair berths.

Our design services span designing for retrofit of new subsea research equipment to private yacht structural modifications. Our technical services include maintaining and calibrating sensitive electronic equipment, as well as survey and 3-D scanning.


Manufacturing and ship repair workshops are well equipped, enabling our team to tackle complex, multi-disciplined projects.  We have extensive project management experience and marine engineering services, maritime knowledge and technical resources. We draw on the expertise of our broader team, internationally, to address the needs and requirements of commercial vessels visiting our shores.

Using a partnership approach, we provide real time cost and budget updates throughout the project, driving the project to customer requirements. Our detailed engineering and planning effort ensures a common understanding that minimises the potential for technical and programme risk.

We are certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 standard and work with allied marine engineering and specialist contractors in dry-docking repairs, conversions, alongside voyage maintenance and repair, NDT and ultrasonic thickness gauging, general engineering, engineering design and naval architecture.  

181.4 metre Dry-dock, with capacity for vessels up to 22 metres beam
Berthage up to 275 metres length, 11 metres draft.

Full Service ship repair facility including the following workshops
Marine Fitting and Machining
Diesel and Fuel Injection
Steel and Pipe Fabrication
Hull and Industrial Coatings
Electrical Fitting and Electronic
Calibration Centre with ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 certification

The dry-dock is equipped with a consented waste water treatment system, compliant with New Zealand regulations, for washing, collection and disposal of all hull wash residues.

Calliope Dry-Dock Specifications
Length overall: 181.4m
Maximum entrance breadth at HW: 24.3m
Standard block height: 1.8m
HW draught at standard block height: 8.0m
LW draught at standard block height: 5.0m

Vessels dry-docked are typically limited to 22.4m bean, therefore we recommend that a vessel mid-ship section is provided with dry-dock enquiries for vessels near to this beam.

Repair Berths
Length Draught at Low Water
275m    11.0m
247m    9.4m
195m    6.5m
275m    7.5m

40 tonne travelling Dockside Crane; 8 tonne travelling Berthside Crane; on-site mobiles to 50 tonne

440VAC 50/60Hz 3-phase 800 amps; 380 VAC 50/60Hz 3-phase 200amps; 220VAC 50/60Hz single or 3-phase 200 amps; 110VAC 50Hz single phase 10 amps

80 tonnes per hour FW and Up to 100 tonnes SW per hour

Compressed Air
100 P.S.I.



Located in Devonport, Auckland in New Zealand's North Island. Babcock's Devonport Dockyard is situated opposite the Ports of Auckland and Wynyard Quarter, where the large yachts berth.

To book in ship repair, please contact our Business Development Manager using the contact details below.

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