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Babcock LGE Process are the global market leaders in the design of cargo handling systems for liquefied gas carriers and are the proud recipients of two Queen's Awards for Enterprise. Through innovative technology, specialised procurement, supervision and commissioning services, LGE continue to dominate the market share, being the business of choice for the largest shipyards in the world.

We are highly active in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Ethane/Ethylene Gas (LEG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) markets, winning 65 percent of the market share in the LPG carrier sector.

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We are engaged in the development of LNG as a marine fuel, with a specialised team of in-house engineers working on new technology to compete in the world’s LNG market, a growing and important sector. LGE have also successfully designed, supplied and managed the production of several onshore gas storage facilities in various locations across the globe.

Design: Our existing innovative technologies have transformed the cargo handling systems across a range of LPG and LEG carrier types and sizes, in particular giving the ability to handle products derived from emerging opportunities such as shale gas where the end products have higher levels of volatile components present than traditional cargo specifications. We continue to develop original and market leading designs, which will keep LGE in the forefront of this business sector.

Procurement: We design, specify, order and deliver a significant amount of specialist equipment and materials to an agreed schedule to meet the shipyard outfitting programme, from a specialist worldwide Supply Chain. Our scope also includes the Logistics operations to deliver equipment directly to the required locations.

Project Management: Our head office based teams manage the cargo handling system delivery working collaboratively with all stakeholders including Yard, Owner and Class. They are ably supported by our teams of engineer’s stationed in-country at shipyards providing advisory supervision for the construction, commissioning, crew training and performance tests of the carriers prior to entering service. They also provide in-country quality control and expediting of suppliers. Our dedicated Warranty and AfterSales service team provide worldwide coverage to ship owners and ship managers after delivery of the carriers.

Who we supply: Our main customers are the biggest shipyards in the world, primarily in South Korea (HHI, HMD, HSHI, HHI Gunsan, DSME and STX), China (Jiangnan and SWS) and Japan (Namura). We have recently renewed our working relationship with the Namura Shipyard in Japan, designing the cargo handling system on a 38,000m³ LPG carrier. This business signifies a key stage in our growth strategy into Japan and is notably Babcock’s first ever Japanese contract. We are a key part of our customers supply chain and work closely with their clients i.e. ship owners, to ensure that our cargo system integrates with the shipyard design and meets the specific requirements of the shipowners for worldwide trade.

Innovation: Some of our market leading innovations include:

Vent Gas Cooler (VGC™) technology enables the enhanced refrigeration and handling of LPG products while minimising hydrocarbon emissions to the environment during cargo loading and change operations. Patents for the VGC™ have been granted in a number of territories, including China.


SuperCooler™ technology (patent pending) was developed for ethane carriers to provide enhanced reliquefaction for commercial ethane cargoes containing up to 3.5 mol% methane.


ecoSMRT® technology is the latest innovation in mixed refrigerant (MR) reliquefaction for LNG carriers, offering unparalleled efficiency, cost, and footprint savings.


FGSV0 technology (patent pending) was developed to provide a true zero-emission solution for LNG gas supply vessels providing LNG as fuel for carriers to help meet new IMO ECA emission regulations.


ecoTNK™ – Type ‘C’ tank design with up to 15% steel weight reduction using our in-house developed design software, saving up to 400 tonnes of high grade tank steel on a 20.6k semi-pressurised LPG carriers.'


ecoVOCC® technology (patent pending) was developed to provide an enhanced system for VOC recovery for oil carriers to meet the ever more stringent laws on VOC emissions during loading operations.

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