Managing critical and complex fleets of mixed equipment


Babcock manages international fleets of specialist equipment and vehicles with complex supply chains and critical operational availability requirements. 

In transforming fleet performance, Babcock is giving its customers the confidence to focus internal resources on helping their business to grow, whilst improving availability at a reduced cost.

Babcock delivers proven asset management capability by using ALCAMiEā„¢, our unique whole life approach to managing complex fleets.

This combines customised systems and processes that deliver a full range of services and manage costs over the whole life of an asset - from procurement through to disposal. ALCAMiEā„¢ also provides critical visibility over national and international fleets.


What do we offer?

Management information to help drive strategic decisions

Our web-based management reports enable the customer to make the right strategic and operational decisions about their fleet. Babcock draws on live data from telematics as well as capturing detailed equipment-based information about each asset including equipment criticality, service intervals, and planned availability.

Proven capability

Babcock has an excellent track record in delivering costs savings and improved asset availability for organisations with critical operational availability requirements.


Babcock implements a single integrated process within a dedicated managed service centre. Jobs are overseen from the initial call through to formally closing the job once completed. Jobs are able to be prioritised according to their criticality through having sufficient data on each asset to understand the impact of their downtime.

Independent partner

We provide an independent bridge between customers and manufacturers - supporting any mix of assets with total objectivity.

Global supply chain expertise

Our experience in managing international contracts has achieved both synergies and highly competitive market rates.

Innovation & industry best practice

Customers benefit from our broad capability in managing assets across a broad range of sectors.

National Mobile Maintenance Fleet

Babcock is developing a dedicated mobile maintenance fleet to provide added support to its customers.

What are the benefits?

In working in partnership with its customers, Babcock delivers long term benefits that include:

  • Cost savings up to 15%
  • Shared risk and reward
  • Total visibility of fleet
  • Increased equipment availability
  • Continuous improvement culture
  • Reduced complexity

Customers include Aggregate Industries (US),Tarmac (UK), Lafarge (US & Canada), Lafarge ReadyMix (West Canada), Engemix (Brazil), and MSP Group (Australia).

Useful downloads:

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