Helping you focus on your business


Babcock works at the heart of our customers’ operations, planning together for future success. 

This is achieved through building a long term relationship as a trusted partner, focused on working with customers to deliver outcomes that benefit their organisation
now and in the future.


Working with our customers

Well managed complex assets

Assets can be complex for many reasons - from their technical detail, to their geographical spread or the skills needed to service and maintain them. Babcock has a pool of knowledge, accumulated through working across a variety of industries. This enables us to address problems our customers face in managing complex assets, and we work in partnership to solve them.

A single independent partner

As the single point of contact, Babcock provides an independent bridge between customers and manufacturers, supporting any mix of assets with total objectivity.  Babcock helps customers alleviate the management of a complex supply chain by ensuring that they only need to work with one organisation from start to finish. 

Safe working environment

Babcock has a fully processed approach to health and safety, carrying out regular risk assessments and checks, sharing best practice and delivering regular ‘toolbox’ talks. Innovation is key, and Babcock works on projects with the customer to effect meaningful changes.

Shared risk and reward

Our experience enables us to help customers understand their risks and reduce their impact. We work in partnership with them to share those risks, mitigating their impact today, and planning together for mutual future success. This can include innovative financing models that inject cash back into the customer’s balance sheet.

Greater customer focus 

By working with Babcock, customers can focus on more valuable areas that help the company to develop such as mine permitting and planning, processing and logistics.

Innovative solutions

Babcock is not bound by existing industry technologies, processes or systems. We encourage our customers to think differently about how they procure, manage, and decommission their assets to get the most from them. 

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