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Babcock has global expertise in managing complex programs, including supply chain management and logistics in deployable health, emergency medical, transportation, disaster relief and retrieval services. 

We provide asset management and deployable medical capabilities for customers internationally, working collaboratively to build and support tailored solutions that meet the readiness, sustainability and operational tempo demands of our defence customers.

We work with defence forces in some of the world’s harshest operating environments and in partnership with military and medical communities, including the United Nations, Red Cross International and NATO defence forces, to design, deploy and maintain specialist health care systems that give you confidence to focus on front line delivery.


We source and manage both transportable assets and fixed estates, providing critical infrastructure for the range of services and activities required for frontline operations.  Babcock helps you to optimise the performance of your asset throughout its lifecycle. In using our unique combination of technical, management and analytical expertise, we enable clients to think differently about how to approach their asset portfolio in deployable health.

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