Babcock MCS España is the leading provider of aerial emergency services and aircraft maintenance for mission critical operations such as medical emergency services, civil protection, sea and mountain search & rescue, coast and fishing surveillance, firefighting, aerial works, training and aircraft maintenance.
Babcock MCS España launched the first medical helicopter in Spain in 1986. Inter-hospital transfers, medical assistance and search and rescue operations are the main services carried out with its fleet of medical helicopters, made up of the most modern helicopters on the market.

At Babcock MCS España we are also specialists in offering a national and international air ambulance service using fixed wing aircraft. We have a modern fleet of medical transport airplanes equipped with the most up-to-date medical technology and the best-qualified teams in order to guarantee the highest level of safety and personalised service during medical transfers.
Furthermore, along with the flight crew, medical staff play a crucial role as they are able to provide initial care at the site of the accident, look after the patient during the transfer to the hospital and inform the doctors of their condition upon arrival.

Search and rescue activities started in 1990 and Babcock MCS España was the first company in Spain and the second in Europe to set up this service.  Some of the tasks faced by Babcock MCS España crews include search and rescue at sea, medical evacuations, fight against pollution of the sea, control and assistance of maritime traffic, tugboat services and distribution of naval warnings.

Babcock MCS España provides services for the prevention and fighting of forest fires in Spain on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment and in a number of Regional Governments such as the Canary Islands, Andalusia, Extremadura, Castilla la Mancha, Murcia, the Valencian Community, Madrid, Aragon and Galicia. The company has also 5 helicopters and two amphibious aircraft which undertake operations against fires in Portugal.
Every year, Babcock MCS España deploys nearly 100 specially equipped firefighting aircraft across a number of bases throughout Spain, Portugal and Italy. The firefighting season involves more than 500 professionals, including pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians, who are highly qualified in firefighting and fire prevention.
The activity of maintenance of helicopters and airplanes is a key centrepiece for Babcock MCS España. At our Aeronautical Maintenance Centres we not only carry out full maintenance of our fleet but we also offer the service - backed by more than 50 years of experience - to third parties. Babcock MCS España is a Service Station Centre for the principal worldwide manufacturers of helicopters and engines.
Babcock MCS España has its own ATO (Approved Training Organisation), officially recognized by the competent Civil Aviation authorities. It has more than 50 Type rating Instructors (TRI) and 40 Type rating examiners (TRE) spread across Spain. The training given at the ATO includes all the courses, training sessions and verifications which operators need in order to guarantee maximum safety in their services.
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  • Over 50 years’ experience
  • 1,274 employees
  • 124 bases
  • 156 operated aircraft
  • 5,000 forest fires missions
  • 7,600 EMS missions
  • 7,400 oil & gas passengers
  • 670 search & rescue operations

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