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Training and Education 2016

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GRI 404-01

Partial Disclosure

Average hours of training per year per employee

  1. Average hours of training that the organization’s employees have undertaken during the reporting period, by:
    1. gender;
    2. employee category.

We have around 25,000 active users within our Learning Management System who completed 177,000 hours of learning during the reporting period. That equates to over seven hours of learning per employee.

Outside of the Learning Management System we have an extensive learning and development offering designed to maintain and enhance the capability of our current workforce and those new to the workforce through our Early Careers programmes.

GRI 404-02

Partial Disclosure

Programs for upgrading employee skills and transition assistance programs

  1. Type and scope of programs implemented and assistance provided to upgrade employee skills.
  2. Transition assistance programs provided to facilitate continued employability and the management of career endings resulting from retirement or termination of employment.

We have a range of interventions to support employees through various transitions, two examples are provided below.

To support STEM Talent back into the sector we offer a STEM Returners programme; our programme incorporates a large amount of 1:1 support and group training with both technical refresher training and confidence boosting soft-skills training- we are focussed on making the transition back into work as easy and comfortable as possible.

To support our Leaders we offer various development programmes through the Babcock Leadership Academy; the academy offers development from first line manager through to senior leader to support career development and transition through the organisation.

GRI 404-03

Partial Disclosure

Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews

Percentage of total employees by gender and by employee category who received a regular performance and career development review during the reporting period.

17,879 receive a performance and development review through our HR system.

A paper based version is provided for all other employees who cannot access the electronic system.