One of the UK’s largest integrated service providers for education improvement and specialist intervention services.  We work with academies, schools and settings, and Local Authorities, as well as with a range of regional and national bodies. 

  • Supporting 110,000 children and young people every year
  • Working with 500 Schools and Academies
  • Partnering Devon County Council and other public, private and third sector organisations

Our mission is to improve the life chances for all children and young people through our commitment to:

Inclusion and Safeguarding: safeguarding and supporting children and young people with Special Educational Needs and educational Health Care Plans, minority groups and disadvantaged or vulnerable learners through assessment, support and specialist interventions.

Mental Health and Wellbeing: We work with school staff to develop strategies for managing children’s emotions and challenging behaviours and to help them support and understand how to identify and manage feelings of anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. We can help schools deal with aggressive and disruptive pupils by managing their behaviour through passive interventions and can improve pupil engagement with learning by building their confidence and motivation.

Leadership and Governance: The Governance Consultancy team knows and understands first-hand the challenges facing school governors, trustees and clerks. Our experienced staff support, inform, guide, train and advise governors, trustees, headteachers and clerks as they seek to achieve and maintain high-quality governance within their schools in a modern climate of clear, confident, strategic leadership and sharply focused accountability.

Curriculum: The curriculum is at the heart of education, helping pupils develop a deep body of knowledge, supporting pupils’ life chances by minimising inequality and building the appropriate skills to increase an individual’s capacity to perform. We can help to evaluate whether the school’s curriculum is well connected, demonstrates ambitious progression and has the depth to effectively meet the learning and development needs of all pupils.

Babcock LDP is a partnership with Devon County Council. Created in 2012, Babcock LDP brings together quality-assured expertise from the South West to help raise education outcomes and deliver effective support to schools and academies. 

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