Advanced Manufacturing

Providing specialist Advanced Manufacturing support, we safely deliver bespoke services for complex projects that demand closely managed processes and procedures.

We work in highly-regulated, safety, quality and security critical environments to deliver compliance-driven projects and highly-specialised products and engineering solutions to our customers.

Our specialised portfolio of high-integrity precision manufacturing facilities, and skilled people, provide off-site modular manufacturing for civil nuclear and infrastructure programmes, submarine modules, novel weld procedure development, large-scale CNC machining and rapid prototyping.

Our Rosyth site hosts modern, unique and highly-capable facilities that exceed the demands of industry standards. We can accommodate both decommissioning and nuclear new build programmes in parallel with our unrivalled manufacturing capacity in the UK and skilled manufacturing workforce. Supported by engineering, quality and supply chain management, our expertise lies in high-end complex fabrication and welding operations, design for manufacture and modular construction.

Babcock is a critical supplier of protective steel modules, utilising our Advanced Manufacturing expertise to deliver a key element to the civil nuclear decommissioning sector.