Submarine Equipment

Weapon Handling and Launch Systems

Babcock is the delegated design authority for weapon handling and launch systems (WHLS) on all classes of UK submarines. We have provided modern Air Turbine Pump (ATP) based systems on the UK’s Astute-class submarines, the Spanish S80 and the South Korean Jangbogo III class.

Babcock has also supplied launch systems on board the Collins Class in Australia, the Victoria Class in Canada along with the Royal Navy’s Trafalgar and Vanguard classes.

We have the capability to provide all primary types of discharge methods including swimout and positive discharge. The ATP-driven design- with its unique programmable firing valve- represents state-of-the-art technology in WHLS, enabling compatibility with all torpedoes, mines and missiles produced by leading manufacturers today. Our system has significant advantages in flexibility, integration, mass, noise and air consumption over other solutions available. 

Submarine Communications at Speed and Depth

Integrating a submarine into naval surface operations has always been restricted by the submarines ability to communicate. Babcock has developed an integrated system which enables submarine communication to continue to operate at speed and depth. Being both recoverable and rechargeable, our Recoverable Tethered Communications Buoy (RTCB) systems maximises the potential of the submarine to communicate in the battlespace.

Countermeasure Launchers & Submerged Signal Ejectors

A decoy system is of paramount importance to any submarine. Babcock has designed and patented a unique, innovative non-pyrotechnic Countermeasure Launcher known as Kestros. Kestros is a modular, lightweight, low-signature launcher which incorporates intrinsic safety features while enabling minimal along-side disruption.

Babcock also offer a Submerged Signal Ejector launcher, capable of launching a variety of 3 and 4 inch stores in all parts of the submarine performance envelope.

Life Raft Deployment

Babcock has designed and developed a submarine Life Raft Deployment System. Its primary function is to act as an indicator buoy with the additional functionality of a Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) approved Life Raft. This system is contained in a Glass Reinforced Plastic pressure vessel stored under the casing.

The system is designed to be deployed sub-surface from inside the pressure hull or for surface deployment from outside the pressure hull utilising an external release mechanism. The system can be customised into existing submarine platforms or incorporated into new build programmes.

Specialist Pumps

Babcock designs, manufactures, tests and assembles low-noise pumps for use in submarine power plants. These include specialist pumps for power plants and high-duty pumps used in weapon launchers.