Management of Training

Services include the scheduling, booking and administration of all training activities to achieve a highly efficient training service to the brands and their dealerships.

We provide fully managed training services for BMW Group UK.

We guarantee BMW Group’s workforce assurance requirements through the provision of c. 50,000 training man days every year delivered in the purpose-built BMW branded Academy. Encompassing Apprenticeship, Technical, Commercial and Leadership & Management Training, we ensure that the organisation has the right number of suitably qualified and experienced personnel available to meet operational requirements.

For Volkswagen Group, we fully manage the provision of their apprenticeship programme.

We manage, design and deliver training for apprentices, utilising innovative blended learning solutions to improve training outcomes whilst meeting Government standards. We manage the scheduling booking and administration of all apprenticeship training activities to maximise their block release training at the National Learning Centre. The apprenticeship programme has grown year on year and we now coordinate the training of over 1000 apprentices each year.