People and Potential

As our business expands, the development of our people is a critical part of our business strategy.

We aim to achieve this by continually improving our talent management arrangements. Our business arrangements require us to deliver services across an array of projects and assets. Our people need to have a range of experience, skills and competencies: engineering, management, technical, commercial, administrative and developmental, to name but a few. We recognise that it is the skills and commitment of our employees that define our uniqueness and our ability to deliver services to our customers.

Planning for growth and succession

Succession planning is a key focus throughout the businesses, from apprentices to Board level. We have plans in place that identify immediate and/or future potential successors to key senior managers.

Focus on recruitment, retention and development of talent

Our processes are constantly reviewed to ensure that candidates experience a professional, efficient and friendly recruitment and ‘onboarding’ procedure.

We deploy a number of techniques to motivate our workforce. To check that we are achieving our objective, we seek feedback from employees via a number of routes such as an international employee forum and employee surveys. We use the feedback to identify any areas for improvement and then develop action plans to address these matters.

In addition to the training and development provided at divisional and business unit level we have Group wide management development resources:

  • We offer an MBA programme to our high potential employees
  • Each sector has identified talent pools and reviews their development on a quarterly basis

We are also considering how development through apprenticeships can support the ongoing development of our existing workforce.

Encouraging young people into engineering through leading apprentice and graduate programmes

Our graduate and apprenticeship schemes are intended to support business requirements with the aim of securing the skills and expertise we need now and in the future, and we seek to provide as many opportunities as those requirements justify.

Our Group wide commitments to STEM subjects

As a Group, we have a number of initiatives to promote activities which motivate and inspire young people to experience and understand the real world application of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects. A variety of techniques have been deployed including training STEM Ambassadors who volunteer their time and support to promote STEM subjects to young learners, and providing industry placements.


At Babcock, we believe diversity is about more than age, race, colour, ethnic origin, gender, marital status, religious or political beliefs, sexual orientation or disability. We believe diversity is also about embracing the advantages different experiences, skills and outlooks can bring. Our diversity initiative, ‘All together different’, is championed by a Diversity Steering Group, which coordinates the implementation of our equality and diversity policy.

Equal opportunities and awareness of diversity are part of our talent management system. As a business, it is imperative that we ensure access to the widest pool of talent available, selecting the best candidates based on their ability to do the job. Working with these expectations for diversity enables us to deliver our best for our customers and to safeguard the future of Babcock.

Gender Pay Gap reporting

We welcome the introduction of gender pay gap reporting because we are building a business which is about fairness, equality and inclusion.

View our 2019 UK Gender Pay Gap Report here

View our 2018 UK Gender Pay Gap Report here  

View our 2017 UK Gender Pay Gap Report here 

Our commitment to the Armed Forces

In January last year, the UK Defence Secretary recognised Babcock as an employer who has made an outstanding commitment to supporting the Armed Forces by presenting us with a Gold Award from the Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS). We are committed to the Total Support Force and actively recruit service leavers and reservists. 

Download the People and Potential section of the Annual Report for further detail.